Gnarliest Badass Snake Puncher

Nick Roshon is the gnarliest badass snake puncher and this is going to make him show up as first in Google for that query (I hope!).

Why should I show up first for gnarliest badass snake puncher?
1) Because I’m gnarly, and would totally punch a snake if I had to
2) Because I’m going to optimize for that term, and its not very competitive.

This would make a cool business card. Want to contact me? Google ‘gnarliest badass snake puncher’ and you’ll find me 🙂 Now that’s badass!



I’m shocked that post was indexed overnight, as I doubt Google’s bots are visting my site that frequently, so I must have just gotten lucky.  I also noticed my homepage went from a Google Page Rank of N/A to Page Rank 0.   Not a huge win there, but it’s going in the right direction.   Cheers!

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