In defense of Ranking Reports

Today Matt Cutts posted a Google Webmaster Help video on the topic of ranking reports, which is embedded above. In it, Matt states that rather than obsessing over your rankings, focus on converting more users. I completely agree that it all comes down to conversions, and that one shouldn’t obsess […]

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Google & Bing Disagree On Rel=Canonical Implementation

Bing recently posted an article:  Managing redirects – 301s, 302s and canonicals As someone that works with Enterprise level sites on a regular basis, I deal with duplicate content & the canonical tag a lot. What really jumped out in Duanne’s article is this (emphasis added is my own): Something […]

How Brands Can Leverage Authorship Markup

Today on the Great Finds blog my colleague Matt Gagen and I discuss Google’s Authorship Markup tag, and how and why brands should implement this markup tag when it becomes available. On my personal blogs I’ve already implemented the Authorship Markup, although sadly Google still hasn’t recognized it yet even four weeks […]

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