New POV: Does Visibility Mean Credibility?

In a new POV on, I respond to a question from a client as to whether Visibility = Credibility on the web. The short answer is (drum roll please!) Рsometimes, but not always. One of the primary goals of any search engine is to use credibility as a ranking factor to determine visibility (rankings) on the web. The hard part is that credibility is a subjective measure to a certain extent, so measuring credibility requires a nuanced approach to evaluating links, social media, and other signals as a proxy for true credibility.

The key takeaways of my POV are:

  1. Never believe everything you read on the internet, no matter how high it ranks and
  2. As a marketer, never sacrifice your credibility or integrity for short-term gains, as in the long-term search engines (and users) will always be looking to credibility as a ranking signal of you and your brand.

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