The Benefits of Managing & Optimizing Mahalo Pages


Mahalo brings in over $1,000,000 per year in Adsense. They’ve got serious traffic, hundreds of new pages are being built every day, and all of this is crowd-sourced with little admin or overhead really needed on Mahalo’s behalf. The Alley Insider points to how much Mahalo is kicking ass these days, so it’s definitely worth your time to check out, especially if you understand the basics of SEO….here’s why:

  1. You get a cut of the Adsense revenue. If you can make the page rank well in Search Engines, you get more traffic, which leads to more impressions and clicks on the Adsense ads. Since I understand SEO, I can apply a little effort and knowledge to get a page ranking decent, which should bring some decent adsense revenue my way.
  2. You can claim pages that you want links on, and simply give them to yourself. For instance, if you managed a website for a hotel in Sacramento, you could claim the Sacramento Hotels page, then link to yourself directly from this page, giving you a free backlink. As another example, this Dallas Hotels page has PageRank 2, is cached frequently, and should pass along link juice to any sites related sites you link to (granted there are a ton of outbound links, so it isn’t much, but it’s something, it’s free, it’s relevant, and you can pick any anchor text you want).
  3. You can also build backlinks to yourself, as I’ve done in the “About the Author” section in each of the two pages above. Now I have some link juice flowing from, which is a site that gets over 6 million hits a year…not bad.

The best part is, optimizing Mahalo pages to be SEO friendly is no different than any other website. Pick a few keywords, write relevant content with the keywords sprinkled through, only link to good neighborhoods, and build some backlinks to your page as you can.

The trick is to find pages that are targeting keywords that aren’t too competitive. I’m not trying to get my Mahalo pages to rank on the first page for “dallas hotels” or “sacramento hotels” because I don’t stand a chance next to many hotels and hotel chains that are fiercly targeting those keywords. And if I were going to go after something super competitive like that, I might as well do it on my own domain and get all of the Adsense revenue, not just a cut.

Where the real opportunity lies are trending search topics, usually recent news, fads, or memes that people are searching for. You’d want to create or claim a page that maybe people are interested in now, but if tomorrow no one cared, no big deal, it doesn’t cost you a cent. Likewise these topics are less likely to face fierce competition due to the timeliness of the search term – not many people will bother to build out an entire website over a topic that will only be relevant a few weeks. Take a look at the leading pages, you’ll see that is seems to be the pattern amongst them:


To date, I’ve earned $2.15 on the site – nothing like the sites above earning $100+ a day, but I’ve maybe invested 15 minutes total of my time, just playing around. And sadly, $2.15 is about twice what I’ve earned on this blog through Adsense…

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