Register now to protect your internet identity

When you google your name what happens?   If you’re lucky enough to have a relatively uncommon name, your facebook, linkedin, or twitter accounts are likely to come up on the first page assuming you are using your real name.  These sites all have a lot of authority on google and are useful to searchers looking to find out more about you – this makes sense.

With that in mind, there are other slightly less popular social networking sites that you should register with to protect your name – even if you don’t plan on using them.  It’s free to register and could prevent you a major headache down the road.

Click here to check your social networking username availablity

I didn’t sign up for EVERY one, but I grabbed a few of the bigger ones anyway, and it actually kind of got me hooked on Flickr.  Speaking of, check me out on Flickr and add me as a contact!

Funny though, that site seems to be missing AIM and Gmail (but does include Yahoo!) but by now I’m guessing you’ve already checked those.

Anyway, just a friendly tip for anyone that is creating a blog in order to promote themselves, protect their online identity, or even bury a negative story off of the first page of Google by building new content to replace it, go grab your social networking sites now before its too late.

3 thoughts on “Register now to protect your internet identity

  1. I got to say this is going to be amusing and/or informative, maybe a little of both! You failed to mention though what or who you are using for the web hosting and how much it costs. Another thing is how do you get your own domain name? See, these are all things that you need to put in this blog of yours. People won’t be able to make their own if they don’t know where to start! HAHA I will be following your blog to see the progress.

    Take care and we will talk soon.

  2. haha, I’m failing miserably at chronological order right now, but yeah, hopefully the next post will be registering a domain, then after that picking a host. Hope things are good for you man!

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