10 New Year’s Resolutions for Internet Marketing Gurus

As a self-proclaimed internet marketing guru, I have made a list of suggested New Year’s resolutions for other self-proclaimed gurus to live by. This post was inspired by the countless hundreds of similar posts from otherwise decent internet marketing blogs I subscribe to that published pure garbage advice in the last few days – but unlike those posts, this one has some decent advice (I hope):

  1. Stop tweeting a Paper.li every day…or ever again…
  2. Stop making list-icles (except this one). Publish content that does more than just aggregate and rehash topics already beaten to death elsewhere.
  3. Stop making up random hashtags that no one has ever tweeted before, or will ever tweet again #youdontgetit
  4. Gretchen, stop trying to make Fetch Vine happen. It’s not going to happen (we have Instagram Video now).
  5. Stop syncing your Twitter feed with Facebook posts, they’re entirely different networks and all your really publishing is “I don’t know what I’m doing here” to those of us who do 😉
  6. Stop tweeting about how many followers/fans you have – aside from you, I can assure you that no one cares (and you really shouldn’t either, but that’s another post).
  7. Stop “birdie-bragging” (Hat tip to @garyvee for coining this phrase, see here for more info: http://www.slideshare.net/vaynerchuk/being-human-ontwitterslidesharev3)
  8. Stop: confusing a large number of followers/fans with self-worth or real-world importance #youarenotinternetfamous #imalreadybreakingrule3
  9. Do: Test a new channel, network, or media this year (note: testing requires collecting and analyzing data, not just publishing!)
  10. Do: Understand the business goals you are trying to support

Thank you for reading!