Auto-Tune the News by The Gregory Brothers

This stuff is too funny, I have to share. The Gregory Brothers take news clips and set it to a beat, auto-tune the voices (a la Kanye West) and remix the heck out of it to make very funny songs. Very Jon Stewart / Steven Colbert -esque in showing politicians at their worst (to be fair, probably out of context too, but even still…absurd). No educational content here, I just can’t keep it to myself – also posted on my facebook, twitter, and gchat statuses (if you read all of those, I’m sorry – for multiple reasons). Enjoy, and you’re welcome:

My favorite one, about smoking lettuce. What a ridiculous argument:

Find the rest of them here on The Gregory Brother’s YouTube Channel. Oh, and here’s mine while I’m at it. I didn’t start using my YouTube channel until recently but its a great way to bookmark your favorite videos and give props to the original authors.

Updated 8-4-09 with the latest episode.