Mobile Marketing – An Hour a Day by Rachel Pasqua and Noah Elkin

Mobile Marketing An Hour A DayI recently got a copy of Mobile Marketing: An Hour a Day by Rachel Pasqua and Noah Elkin and have been excitedly reading it over the past week or so and wanted to share a few thoughts here on why this book deserves space on your bookshelf (or Kindle/iPad/Mobile Reading Device). The book starts by painting a clear picture of the current mobile landscape and helps marketers brainstorm the questions they need to answer in order to devise a mobile strategy for their brand or website. After these introductory chapters, the book then dives into plenty of detail on various topics including mobile web design, apps, SMS, mobile SEM, mobile social, and so much more, with each topic being a new chapter. The book is very comprehensive yet very accessible, making it a great “go-to” resource for anyone who is interested mobile, no matter what skill level or training you currently posses. It is also a great book as it can be read cover to cover for those who want to learn it all, or just picked up from time-to-time and explored as needed as each chapter could be read as a standalone guide on the topic it covers.

Nick Roshon in Mobile Marketing an Hour a Day


I was also honored to be quoted in the book in a few sections as it pertains to Mobile SEO and responsive design. Rachel and I worked together at iCrossing and I really enjoyed learning from her during my time at the agency. Her passion for mobile comes out in every page, and her pragmatic approach to mobile is really refreshing in a sea of so-called mobile gurus. Rachel’s open-minded approach to mobile is rooted in a very simple yet clever premise noted in very first few pages of the book:

Mobile is about people – not devices.

Keeping this front of mind helps marketers solve the real mobile dilemma – how do we make mobile work for our audience and avoid the “Shiny New Object Syndrome” of doing mobile for the latest mobile fad without consideration of your customers and their habits.

Be sure to check this book out on Amazon or in book stores like Barnes & Noble. While your’e at it, be sure to check out Search & Social by Rob Garner as well!

Congrats to Rachel & Noah for a job well done, and best of luck to you both with this and future endeavors!