DMOZ Proxy Error Problems March, 2010

UPDATE: DMOZ is now accepting submissions again as of March 30, 2010, and no Proxy Error appears. I was able to submit a few listings this morning to various categories without issue.

UPDATE 2: A reader commented below that a major overhaul of DMOZ is due to launch soon, dubbed DMOZ 2.0. I think this is a great move, because as it stands right now DMOZ is pretty irrelevant/useless, so they should either kill it off or revamp it completely. Given the traffic and perceived importance of the site, it would make sense for them to revitalize it instead of killing it off. Thanks James! Read more here: DMOZ 2.0 Rumored to Launch at End of March

Original PostI haven’t been able to submit any listings in the past three days to DMOZ and keep getting a proxy error that reads as the following: The proxy server could not handle the request GET /cgi-bin/add.cgi.

This could either be a back-end glitch, or DMOZ is temporarily or permanently no longer accepting submissions. The directory itself will load, but if you try to submit anywhere to the directory, an error will occur preventing the “suggest a URL” page to load.

I’ve seen a few tweets from others confirming this issue , and I’ve tried on multiple machines and ISPs. I’ll keep this post updated if it gets fixed or learn of further information. As of right now there is no message on the DMOZ Blog indicating they aren’t accepting submissions.

It’s probably just a back-end glitch, but with traditional web directories become less and less important, part of me kind of hopes that this is a sign of DMOZ being prepared to be killed off. The mere fact that very few people have noticed or tweeted about it is an indicator of DMOZ’s dying importance – to me, it exists for nothing other than SEO purposes (and occasionally for Google to re-write spammy page titles), and tools/tactics that exist purely for SEO manipulation have a limited lifespan before they’re shut down or rendered obsolete. Is DMOZ obsolete? Should it be shut down for new submissions? Leave your two cents in the comments!

4 thoughts on “DMOZ Proxy Error Problems March, 2010

  1. Weird, I submitted a site to DMOZ last week with no problems. It could just be a glitch… I would assume if DMOZ was on their way out they would just close down the whole submission service not allow you to “try” and submit a site. It very well could be them messing with their code or trying to upgrade their Directory scripts and it blew something up. I wouldn’t worry to much about it.

    Granted DMOZ sucks anyways and takes way to long to approve anything anyways. Go build regular links and say F-it to DMOZ.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jason! I think you’re right that it’s probably a back-end upgrade gone awry.

    I totally agree on DMOZ, with the delay in getting things approved and lack of usefulness of the directory from a user perspective, it’s not a very worthwhile link building effort…but it is free, which is nice, and clients want to be there…

    I was able to submit earlier last week as well, but couldn’t submit all day Friday and still cant today, so I thought I’d post and maybe start a discussion on DMOZ on a higher level while I’m at it 🙂

    1. Thanks James – I don’t think you’re pushing your content, in this case it is super relevant and something I hadn’t heard before. I’m going to edit the original post and include a link to your article for others to see. I appreciate your comment!

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