Facebook Vanity URLs now Live!

Here’s what you need to know about the new Facebook Usernames:

Go to http://www.facebook.com/username and reserve your username right now!. Your username will then become the subfolder on facebook.com where your page is stored. For instance, my username is “nickroshon” and my new URL is http://www.facebook.com/nickroshon

Hurry up and grab something if you haven’t already, but here are a few tips on picking your custom Facebook vanity URL:

The dot doesn’t matter: if you choose nick.roshon or nickroshon, it still goes to the same place. Much like Gmail, Facebook will ignore the period between words and treat the two as the same. You can go to http://www.facebook.com/nickroshon and http://www.facebook.com/nick.roshon and they both take you to the same place, so in essence I got 2 vanity URLs from Facebook today.

Facebook pages are different: If you are a page, and not just a personal user, you can only reserve your username/vanity URL if you created your fan page by May 31, 2009 and have at least 1,000 followers. The rest of you will get your shot in July.

Get a Unique Username: If you want http://www.facebook.com/awesome, it’s still available. However, http://www.facebook.com/nick is already taken 🙁 and so is http://www.facebook.com/likeaboss

Don’t pick something stupid: It is permanent, and at the time of writing Facebook offers no method of changing your username / vanity URL, so you’re stuck with whatever you chose. So in 10 years, when no one has any clue what “likeaboss” really means, you’ll feel like an idiot.

Avoid Trademarks: If you pick a brand name or trademarked term as your username/vanity URL, the owner of that trademark can appeal it on Facebook and you will be stripped of it, so don’t go out there grabbing something you know you don’t deserve.

Username Squatting: If you want to create a bunch of dummy accounts to reserve other user accounts, you are too late. Right now, the ability to reserve a username is only available to Facebook profiles created before June 9, 2009, as I’m told by @ledet. That means I can’t go and create a second Facebook profile to grab http://www.facebook.com/nicholasroshon 🙁

301 Redirect: Your old URL, i.e. http://www.facebook.com/people/Nick-Roshon/2401203 will now automatically redirect to your new URL. It is a 301 permanent redirect as I confirmed via Web Sniffer, which is what you want in order to pass along the link juice correctly.

Leave me comments with your thoughts, questions, comments, concerns, and snide remarks!

4 thoughts on “Facebook Vanity URLs now Live!

  1. Hi Nick

    How did you manage to redirect your old facebook account to the new one.
    I dont know how to do it. I havent foud any solution on google beside your website.
    Can you explain the process of the 301 redirect for a facebook account?

    1. Francois,
      Facebook automatically updates the redirect for you once you opt-in to a vanity URL, you don’t need to change any settings for this to happen…

  2. This page is the only place I have seen that states that fb will automatically redirect if I change my business page URL. My page is only a week old (13 likes) and only published on my business website and in a message sent to my email list.

    My business name is Stress Less for Life, so I chose that for my business page URL. But I think that using http://www.facebook.com/StressLessSLO would be a better choices, since my business website URL and email both use StressLessSLO.

    Is your information about redirecting still current with the recent changes in business pages? If I change the fb URL, I will change the links from my website to fb. If necessary, I can re-email my contact list, but would rather allow the fb page to redirect on its own.

    Any comments or advice you have would be really appreciated! I’m absolutely new to fb and would like to avoid a mistake if possible.

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