My List of SEO Blogs You Should Read

A List of SEO Blogs You Should Read
A List of SEO Blogs You Should Read

I’ve had a few friends ask me what blogs they should follow to get more exposure to SEO. I always give a very similar answer, so I thought I’d post here to consolidate:

First, I tell anyone interested to read this incredibly helpful post on SEOmoz: Beginner’s Guide to SEO. It probably takes about 30 minutes to read through but it provides such a great, straightforward introduction.

Once you got a firm grasp on that, I recommend you setup a Google Reader account so that you can subscribe to several blogs all in one central place. Then go and add the RSS Feeds to the blogs below. I’ve listed them according to importance:

Must Follows:
Matt Cutts:
Matt Cutts is basically Google’s main point of contact with the SEO world. Many changes to Google’s algorythm and webmaster guidelines are communicated through him.

Its a pretty straightforward, interesting blog with practical tips, updated several times a week.

Search Engine Land:
With SEO celebrities like Danny Sullivan contributing, this is a wealth of knowledge. There are tons of posts a day, some of which are not very important nor interesting, but likewise there is a ton of great stuff as well.

Other Notables:
Search Engine Watch:
A lot of posts on this blog are overlap with Search Engine Land, but its good to at least skim through or find more information about a post you saw elsewhere. It is pretty comprehensive.

iCrossing’s Great Finds Blog:
There aren’t many posts, but the posts are well written and easy to understand. This blog is particularly great for clients working with an SEO person or agency and don’t need to know every detail but want to be informed and current on industry news and best practices.

Conversational Marketing:
It’s a little more human than the rest, with a little more humor and opinion than the others. It tries to be less like traditional media and more like a blog, which I can appreciate

Google Webmaster Central Blog:
It’s not really that helpful since anything that is posted that is really newsworthy is commented on the above blogs, but its not bad to follow anyway. It is also heavy into selling new Google Products that you need to sign up for.

Nick Roshon’s SEO Blog: (you’re already here)
Because I’m awesome. And I don’t just focus on current news, I like to cover basics, topics of interest, etc., so that you learn new stuff and refresh the basics all at the same time. Yes, I’m that shameless 🙂

Did I miss anything? Email me or Leave a Comment and I’ll take a look and consider revising my post!

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