SMX Scottsdale Day 1 Recap

SMX Social Media Scottsdale Day 1

SMX Social Media in Scottsdale has been awesome. Rather than trying to cover each session individually, which could easily be done as each was jam packed full of tips, stories & insights, here are the high level themes I noticed across the various presentations and presenters to guide your overall social media strategy:

  1. Be different – doing the obvious will produce mediocre results. Think big, do things different, and see what works and what doesn’t. Social Media isn’t where you want to be conservative and stick to the book.
  2. Understand your customers – personas and demographics data is critical, and can save you money in Facebook Ads and Twitter Promoted Ads, as well as greatly increase interactions.
  3. Understand your metrics – You’ll have a variety of KPIs for Twitter & Facebook depending on your goals and audience. From harvesting email addresses to branding, understanding what your KPIs are is crucial to developing even the most rudimentary SMM strategy.
  4. Make your ads count – for Twitter, your promoted tweets should kick ass – use an infographic, or otherwise awesome content, rather than a salesy page. For Facebook – use contrasting images and leverage highly targeted copy based on the targeting settings for that campaign.
  5. Make room for Google+ – now is the time to join, get in there and start experimenting & expanding your reach. Be sure to tightly segment your followers into circles so you segment your messaging accordingly. From Google’s perspective, it’s a play for data. Your social circle + search history = more effective personalization. This is what Google wants (h/t to @DanaNotman).
  6. Tools Matter, but Strategy is King – all marketers used a handful of tools (free & paid) for each channel, but the focus was never on the tool. The tool was a means to an end, not an end itself.
  7. Get feedback and adapt – whether you ask for it directly (how are we doing? what do you want to hear from us?) or your feedback comes in the form of angry tweets or facebook posts, listen to your feedback and adjust. Data is important, but equally important is listening to overall sentiment and comments.
  8. Twitter can be a good testing ground for what you want to post to other networks (blogs, Facebook, etc). In Twitter it’s okay to post more, and even repost content (aka the second chance tweet), so it’s a good “lab” for you to test various content types & strategies to apply to your broader social ecosystem.
  9. All social networks should be treated differently (amen!). If you’re syncing Facebook & Twitter, stop it right now (amen x2!). Beyond that, figure out your audiences (see above) and what they are looking for, and have separate content strategies per network. Timing & Frequency matter, too. All panelists had data & thoughts on when & how often to update your various networks, and they definitely vary by network…
  10. Advocate Outreach is critical – and it can be leveraged for all social media channels, and has the potential to both help your stories/posts spread further, as well as defend you/your brand when an irate customer bashes you. Identify your advocates and make them feel welcomed.
There was a ton of amazing information dropped, but to me, these were the sticking points. Regardless, the speakers all kicked ass, and it was awesome to be part of it. Thanks Danny Sullivan and the rest of the Search Engine Land/Marketing Land/Third Door Media group for putting on a awesome show!
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