SMX Scottsdale Day 2 Recap

SMX Social Media Scottsdale Day 2

…and following up my Day 1 recap of SMX Scottsdale 2011, here are my takeaways for Day 2:

  • Viral Content – appeal to the emotions of your audience. People share content because it reflects their personality or stirs their emotions. Emotions don’t have to be limited to funny content – it can reflect a person’s beliefs, altruism, or things that make them happy.
  • E-cards, Infographics & Videos – they (still) work. eBay creates really stunning infographics on a global basis, but Parenting Magazine keeps it simple with “E-Cards” which are just a nice image with a funny joke or tagline within the image. Find a way to present visual content to your audience within your resources & assets.
  • SoLoMo – mobile usage, and mobile search in particular, are extremely locally driven. Most folks on mobile search just want to call a business (62%) or Maps/Directions (24%) according to BIA/Kelsey. Mobile continues to advance in local social sharing & local deals. Facebook gets the most traffic via mobile (by a longshot), but don’t ignore Foursquare either.
  • On Social Media ROI – If you’re wondering what the ROI is of using social media, just consider what the ROI is if your not using it. (via @Mary_Callahan). Social Media isn’t a cost, it’s an investment (@TyDowning).
  • Forget automation – it’s about engagement. If content is king, engagement is queen (via @TyDowning). You are a social media tool, and you’re the best one you have.
  • Embrace a cause – partnering with a cause or charity can help you connect with your audience better and increase interaction. Build longevity into that partnership/cause and gains are realized over time.

Also, here are some social media tools mentioned throughout the two days that I jotted down to try later…I probably missed some, so feel free to chime in with those I missed in the comments section or via twitter (@NickRoshon) and I’ll add ’em in.

  • Aggregation/Feeds:,, Delicious
  • Timing/Scheduling/Syndication:  Tweriod, Buffer,, CrowdBooster, EdgeRank Checker,,,,, Hootsuite
  • Tracking: Radian6, Position2, Google Analytics, custom URL shorteners, Involver
  • Community Building: Twitter lists, Social Bro,, Social Mention, uberVU,
  • Post Ideas:, Google (“funny quotes”), Image Search, Ubersuggest, Trending Topics (Twitter, Yahoo, Google+), Q&A sites (Yahoo Questions, Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook), Google Discussions (advanced search option in left sidebar)

Thanks to all the speakers & SMX staff for putting on an awesome show!

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