I’m Speaking! BOLO 2013 October 14-15 in Scottsdale, AZ

BOLO 2013

Update: my session went great! My takeaways and slides can be found over on the Covario blog here: http://www.covario.com/2013/10/ten-big-ideas-marketers-bolo2013/

I had an AMAZING time speaking at and attending BOLO 2012 last year, and apparently the feeling was mutual as I’ve been invited back as a speaker for 2013!

The conference will once again be held at the Hotel Valley Ho in Old Town Scottsdale and have a similar focus to last year – focusing on helping agencies and consultants succeed and encouraging collaboration in the field. I encourage you to attend if you work in any form of digital marketing, especially those in smaller-to-midsize agencies looking for the best ways to scale and grow your business, as if last year’s conference was any indication, this conference delivers a huge amount of value in that regard.

I’m incredibly honored to be asked as a speaker, as you’ll see the Speaker list is jammed packed full of big name speakers and agencies including HUGE LA, comScore, Microsoft, SapientNitro, GS&P, Mashable, Buzzfeed, and many others.

My session description is posted along with the full schedule on the BOLO website. Based on what I have ready so far, the content should follow this roadmap/description fairly closely:

SEO: The Good, the Bad, and How To Get More Out of It
Presented by: Nick Roshon, Covario

SEO as a marketing channel has a horrible name – many clients have either had a bad experience, or neglected the channel completely in favor of more established and predictable channels such as PPC, Radio, Print or TV. From encounters with snake oil salesman and spammy $5/hour link builders to so-called experts claiming “SEO is Dead” every time Google rolls out an update, it’s no wonder clients are cautious and budgets are small relative to other channels.

This session seeks to demonstrate how agencies can provide more value and transparency with SEO engagements, as well as how clients can get more ROI from their agency relationships. From a clear understanding of expectations and costs, to understanding what tactics and strategies do and don’t work, agencies can better sell their work and clients can better implement their recommendations, creating a win-win environment for all involved. Insights and recommendations are based on the speaker’s experience working on large, complex SEO engagements with Fortune 500 brands ranging from FedEx to Kelly Blue Book from an operational, client services, and sales perspective.

You can check out my presentation from last year here: http://nickroshon.com/speaking-gigs/im-speaking-at-bolo-2012-in-scottsdale-az, and stay tuned for this year’s deck to be posted on Slideshare after the conference as well!