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How Brands Can Leverage Authorship Markup

Google Authorship Markup for Brands

Today on the Great Finds blog my colleague Matt Gagen and I discuss Google’s Authorship Markup tag, and how and why brands should implement this markup tag when it becomes available. On my personal blogs I’ve already implemented the Authorship Markup, although sadly Google still hasn’t recognized it yet even four weeks after implementation. My guess is that Authorship Markup is still in a “beta” phase but I expect it to make a big impact to the SERP in the near future, especially when Google+ becomes available to brands. Check out a brief preview of the post below, then click below to read the post in its entirety on

In June, Google announced support forAuthorship Markup. This exciting development, overlooked by many, could create huge opportunities for brands and individuals to claim their content, see improvements in click-through rates, integrate their owned media more effectively with social, and possibly improve their search rankings.

Members of Google’s web spam team are excited about the potential of this markup to help improve search results. But the initial support of this new markup has one big drawback: Google is not supporting brands that embrace Authorship Markup. Nevertheless, brands need to embrace Authorship Markup especially at a time when brands must think like publishers of useful content to succeed.

Read the full post here: Why Brands Must Claim Their Own Content with Google Authorship Markup

***Update: My Authorship Markup is now being recognized for my car blog (although not for this blog or my travel blog). This indicates to me that Google is definitely giving preference to higher traffic blogs and trigger this markup on a case-by-case basis, and not to just anyone who marks up their site hoping for a pretty snippet in the SERP. Anyway, check it out!

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An Awesome Content Creation Tip by Joe Pulizzi: Try to Create 10 Pieces of Content for Every One Idea You Have

Joe Pulizzi at AZIMA

Joe Pulizzi at AZIMA, Pic courtesy of @ArnieK

I just got back from the monthly Arizona Interactive Marketing Association event which was on Content Marketing featuring guest speaker Joe Pulizzi of Junta42. As an SEO I dabble quite a bit in content creation, content syndication and content marketing, so I was excited to hear his speach, and Joe certainly didn’t disappoint. I had also just recently finished his book, Get Content, Get Customers, and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re interested in a good introductory text to content marketing. He also gets extra cool points for signing my book after his talk.

In the very beginning of his talk, Joe noted that if you took away just one thing from his presentation, then his talk would be a success.

That one “ah-hah!” moment for me was this sage piece of advice:

Try to create 10 pieces of content for every one idea you have

While seemingly simple, its a very powerful tip for bloggers like myself. Why?

  1. It will help you to produce more content – no more writers-block or starring deeply into the computer screen wondering what to write about this week – as long as you can think of one idea every 10 weeks, you can produce a new post every week!
  2. It forces you to go more niche – instead of writing on a very broad subject, you’ll break that subject into 10 seperate blog posts (or articles), and those 10 posts will be much more targeted & focused on a more-specific more-niche subject – this is better for SEO (think of the power of the long tail), better for readers (more focused), and better for conversions (more qualified lead generation)
  3. It forces you to write more concise posts – if you’re splitting one idea into 10 posts, you’re less likely to ramble. Added bonus: shorter posts are easier to read, which is better for your audience.
  4. You can spread your content out over time – keeping up with your content schedule (e.g. one post per week) can be tough, but if you have an inventory of ideas stockpiled, you don’t have to worry.
  5. You can compile your 10 posts into a Content Series – this content series all about one over-arching idea/concept can then be re-purposed into a newsletter, e-book, best practices presentation, white paper, etc. Now you have even more content at your disposal!

There you have it – my favorite takeway: turn one golden idea into ten, all with just a little content marketing magic.

My second favorite takeway – people love numbered lists. Hence the list of five ideas above 🙂

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