Bing uses Facebook to add the “Friend Effect” to Search

Over at Great Finds, I talk about Bing’s recent addition of Facebook data to enhance the SERPs. I think this is a really exciting move personally, as it’s one of those creative & drastic moves that Bing could take to distinguish itself better from Google – right now, Bing & Google’s SERPs look very similar, but adding Facebook to Bing’s results will be a key differentiator. Will users like it? That remains to be seen. Check out a short excerpt below then head over to Great Finds to read the rest.

Bing officially announced an enhancement to its search engine that deeply integrates Facebook into the search results pages in a number of ways. We have seen a growing inter-relationship between social media in search (a nice history here and here). By bringing “the Friend Effect” to search, Bing has made perhaps the boldest move to integrate search and social. Bing has done something Google can’t replicate: integrate Facebook data throughout search results. This post discusses implications for Bing, Google, marketers, and consumers.

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